Interview with Miriam Bisk, 2017

Miriam Bisk, President of Amuttah “Children of Selvino”, talks about her parents, Salek Najman and Lola Popinska, who were Polish Jews, sole survivors of the Holocaust and refugees in Several detention camps and interned in the British camps in Cyprus. Miriam’s father was involved in the youth movement Gordonia, of which he had been secretary in his Hachsharah. In Sciesopoli of together with Lola, his future bride, he became one of the organizational motors of the life of the young Jewish children of Sciesopoli. The young couple embarked for Palestine on the Hatikva ship, which left Bogliasco (Genoa) on May 14th 1947. The ship was intercepted by the British and all of them were interned in Cyprus, where Miriam was born in the British Military Hospital.

As we cling to the last hours of 2017, we are preparing to welcome 2018 with hope and confidence.
I thank all the people for their support for the project to preserve the memory of the Children’s House in Selvino, and wish everyone a happy new year!